Why DAV?

DAV, an English medium school located in Dallu improves all round development of your ward. DAV has immense and sophisticated activities in its curriculum with high profile emphasis to impact quality education. The teaching faculties are highly qualified and trained which applies the latest methods / techniques of teaching. Theoretical and practical classes go hand in hand to enable the student to achieve better understanding of the chapters. Trained and professional personals with well-equipped laboratory facilities are available from computer education. Presence of Extra Curricular Activities (ECA) is an attribute for all round development of children. Thus, DAV implies games, arts, martial arts, dance, music and many more as an attributes of development. DAV also has a facility of day-boarders. The students are given more priority to enhance their academic status through proper coaching and guidance. This facility has been added taking busy parents into consideration. “We handle your children the way you do”.

Concept and designed by Romit Maharjan